Obama is Not Going To Save Us

Another week goes by, and another week of thousands of jobs being lost. 100,000 jobs lost last week alone. Possibly 4-5 million jobs will be lost this year. Unemployment rates will raise above 9%. The "Recession" will last far into next year; that is what they are saying now (was supposed end mid-2009 by predictions only a few months ago). The Economy will continue to collapse in White Dwarf proportions.

Look at what has happened in Iceland. This is the United States' future. Economic collapse will bring about a political collapse. Currently, there are protests, strikes, and riots in France, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Iceland. It is only a matter of time before the "New World" will face the same fate. When things start to go WAY south, and Obama cannot hold back the rising flood waters, the U.S. will sink to an extended period of social chaos.

It will never be the same again for decades. Our children will never have it as good as we have it now. And with the current state of the majority of Americans, that future seems very bleak. There is nothing one or two billion dollars can do to reverse the trend. All it will do is delay the inevitable. The empire is dying, and the economy has been hit with the "kill shot".

How will we deal with this impending doom? Will we cling to the ideas of the 40's and 50's and still consider ourselves a Superpower? Will we still dream of an exciting tomorrow? Or will we look in the mirror and see ourselves in the new light...knowing the new limits of America?

Who will be our future leaders? Sober and rational leaders who will let the people know our new simplistic way of life? Charismatic leaders who crawl out of the muck to fill our heads with visions of grandeur? Will religious leaders try to overtake the massive numbers of citizens living in poverty with old-school "follow God or you will perish" prophecies?

Will we transform our system radically to protect the ordinary man? for the greater good? Or will the corporate state use brutality, surveillance, and our internal security forces to quell all forms of dissent?

What will happen to America's democracy? or, in a more appropriate term, What will happen to the remainder of America's democracy?

When our economy goes bankrupt, totalitarianism will hold complete control, even more than it holds now. This isn't your father's totalitarianism. This isn't the charismatic leader which holds all the power, it is the anonymity of the corporate state who will hold all control. This powerful state will use the American notion to cherish democracy, patriotism and the Constitution while controlling internal levers to subvert and suppress democratic institutions.

This transition of corporate state control is currently running at full speed. American political candidates need to raise huge sums of money to run for the high levels of elected public office. Most of this money comes from corporate funds. These candidates are slaves to the corporate lobbyists who control Washington and every state capital. These lobbyists write the legislation, and write the political speeches which try to get the citizens behind the laws.

The corporate state controls almost all media: Everything we read, watch, or listen. It incorporates a bland uniform opinion and distracts us with gossip politics. The media will keep the masses passive, politically. Citizens will see the two opposing sides bickering over the most inane debates and will change the channel to American Idol.

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