Obstruction of Justice. On the Neocons. No Penalty...

Once again, the Bush Administration is in tepid water for the destruction of tapes that showed 'waterboarding' of al-Qaida suspects Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Of course, Democratic leaders in Congress are 'acting like Demo-craps' and not going ape-shit over another overtly criminal act by the White House. To think anything that goes on in Washington does not pass in front of the President's or his cronies' desks is moronic.

The Administration has turned the 'Trinity' of checks and balances: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, and turned it into a system of 'change the rules and laws to fit the needs of the Presidents wishes, without oversight'.

How do they accomplish this? Simple. Let's look at waterboarding. The Neocons want to torture; but every field manual in the U.S. military and the Geneval Conventions prohibit these kinds of acts. So they just start saying it is not torture. That simple. 'Define Torture'. 'That's not what I think Torture is'. Bush's CIA Chief selection Michael Hayden spent a week being grilled by Democrats, as well as Republicans, over 'Whether Waterboarding was torture'. He has to think about it. In fact, as of today, he still hasn't decided (Yeah, right, go against Bush).

Waterboarding dates all the way back to the 1500's, with the Italian Inquisition. In 1901, during the Spanish-American War, a U.S. Army major was sentenced to 10 years hard labor for waterboarding an insurgent in the Philippines.

And they say it is necessary in today's 'Post 9-11 World'. Which is B.S. We didn't resort of state-sponsored torture after Pearle Harbor. In fact, we successfully prosecuted 2 Japanese soldiers for torturing some of our American Soldiers. They proved that the tactics the Japanese Soldiers were doing was TORTURE. What was it they were doing to our soldiers? WATERBOARDING!!!!

In 1968, in Vietnam, our military deemed ILLEGAL by U.S. Generals any waterboarding after photos of an American soldier waterboarding appeared in the Washington Post. That soldier was court-martialed one month after the photos appeared. Needless to say, he was removed from the Army.

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