Bush Really Wants A War

What else can you say about the Admin's deal to send $20 Billion (that's $20,000,000,000) worth of weaponry (aircraft, missles, bombs, etc) to Saudi Arabia. You know, THAT Saudi Arabia: home of Bin Laden and fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers, a royal family which backed the Taliban and was in bed with the Bush family for decades, a government which nurtured the Wahhabism that spawned Al Qaeda, and I can go on and on about our 'close ties' to Saudi Arabia, but you might puke from the disdain you will receive.

But they gave us oil, and oil is God for Bush's oil compadres, so they deserve $20 Billion of our high-tech weapons. In Iraq, the U.S. and Iraqi government mismanaged money and weapons so badly that we armed most of those who are now destroying Iraq through militias. What do you think is gonna happen with the armory we are giving to the Saudi's? Instability - one word to describe what the Bush Admin is accomplishing in the Middle East Region. Why?

Bush, fearing a derail of the arms deal by pro-Israel members of Congress, solved the problem by offering $30 Billion in new weapons to Israel. Meanwhile, Iraq's defence minister was just in Washington with a shopping list of new weapons needed and a statement that we need to be in Iraq for at least another decade. We are pouring Billions and Billions of dollars of weapons into the Middle East (not including the $1 trillion {$1,000,000,000,000} spent in Iraq) for OUR 'NATIONAL SECURITY'. If you don't want a criminal to break in to your house, do you give guns to your neighbors (especially the neighbors who you had problems with in the past); or do you put in a security system and protect YOURSELF and YOUR property?

This is a good deal for US arms manufacturers, although not for US taxpayers stuck with the tab. No problem--neither the media nor Congress notices the cost to taxpayers of anything carrying the label of "national security." It's the Military-Industrial Complex at it's best. Our country's best export is weapons; paid for by the U.S. taxpayers, money given to U.S. corporations at a substantial profit to them; with no oversight by any branch of government (they all get kickbacks from it); approved by the Defence Department by Generals who, when they retire, are installed into C.E.O. positions at those very same companies who get the contracts to make the weapons.

This is also good for U.S. banks and the Saudi royal family themselves. When you look at how our main banks would now be kaput were it not for the almost daily bailouts from Gulf-based holding companies. It's a good deal all around: The Gulf sheiks get their money by raising oil prices that drive up inflation, thus raising the interest rates on home mortgages, and then, when the banks foreclose on those homes at a loss, the oil money comes pouring in to make the banks whole again. A good deal for everyone, that is, except for the folks who lose the equity in their homes, but they don't have a lobby that Congress or the President has to worry about.

Bush spent the past week in the Middle East meeting with leaders to discuss PEACE. Peace, spoken by a man who has sunk the region into a HUGE DISASTER. They 'don't hate us for our success and freedom' like Bush seems to think. They 'hate us because everything we do there turns to SHIT'.

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