Doesn't a Documentary Involve Some Truth?

The documentary "Expelled", which is a film about making Intelligent Design seem intelligible (as Mike Dossie said, 'good luck, hah, you'll need'), will be released around April. This is the next chapter in the crusade to destroy the U.S.'s scientific principles and bring this world back to the 'Dark Ages' where going against the Bible results in a stoning.

Christian schools are being offered cash "donations" for every child they deliver to showings of Expelled, which it is hoped they will do by organizing school trips. Parents would be expected to pay for the price of a ticket, while the school receives at least $5 for every ticket stub they hand back to the filmmakers. The film gets more viewers, the school gets more cash, more kids get intellectually misled, and everyone's a winner. Except for human progress, obviously.

It all smacks of desperation, of course. And having watched the trailer, it looks dreadful. You'd have to give me more than $5. Call it $50 and we can start talking...

More to come.

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slyght said...

dude, i lost so much respect for ben stein. granted, i can't really think of a reason i would've respected him, but seeing him in a DC barber shop, was kinda cool.

hearing that ID "scientists" were not being allowed in science journals... OH NO!!! there's a reason they don't publish poetry too, it has to be RELATED to the field of science. there is so much i can go on about this. i gotta go.