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I am not going to comment on today's Presidential Press Conference (that much). The video of it alone is mere comic and sad on it's own. Have you ever really watched the president talk? I believe he was drunk during the press conference. You have to be drunk to still say the same bullshit over and over again for the past 7 years. In case you didn't know, El Presidente, most of America has now seen through your bullshit.

I am one of the first you saw it. I remember before and during the beginnings of the current Gulf War (you know, the one he proclaimed "mission accomplished" 5 years ago) I spoke candidly about the mistake this president made. I was ridiculed because I was living in B-Town at the time and those drunk, back-woods, un-civilized people I hung with fell for the load of shit hook, line, and sinker. They watched FOX NEWS and thought any person who wasn't white threatened our country.

That is as Un-American as you can get. They had such a low view of our current situation that they thought that a small group of people could bring down the whole country. You know, a group of people whose main weapon of attack on our country was BOX CUTTERS!!!! They took over aircraft with BOX CUTTERS!!! Yeah! very high tech weaponry was used against us. First BOX CUTTERS, next NUKES!!! YOu got to be kidding me. The people we are attacking in the Middle East are either armed with weapons WE (the UNITED STATES UNDER REGAN, BUSH SR., AND BUSH JR. since he was in charge when the U.S. decided to dismantle the Iraq military allowing trained killers with guns dispersed into the Iraqi population) supplied them, or with A.K. 47's the Soviets supplied them 20 years ago. Yeah, a modern force. An rusty A.K. and I.E.D.'s, up there with our precision guided bombs that really ain't that all precise.

But as I was saying that this was a grave mistake, the locals down at the F-Bar are saying that Saddam attacked us. Who is stupid now? Any idiot can see that it was totally fabricated and spit out by our administration to induce fear and panic among the stupidest of our population (you know, white, Christian, paranoid, Republicans who think everyone is out to get them: the same people who keep a more focused eye on any person who doesn't meet their narrow views of an American (you know, white, Christian, white, WHITE).

I work day in and day out with a wide range of people. I work with non-whites, non-Christian, and non-U.S.-born citizens. They all want the same thing: to be able to survive in this place we call America. To talk with people from different walks of life, different upbringings, different cultures really expanded my idea of America. It is different from the 1 language only, can't trust any of them attitude of a land far, far, away. To see the truth adjusted by the words of those in power and ideas of the high class has destroyed, little by little, what we all call AMERICA all to keep the profit margin high enough and power more centralized lessens my view of the United States.

And it accelerated exponentially with this man, George W. Bush. What this man has done with this country is reprehensible. He has raped our economy and each and every American over and over so his cronies and his campaign contributers can pillage as much money as they can unload from OUR POCKETS!! They took all our tax dollars and then some to fund policies that directly line the billfolds of a very few.

Do you know how bad the U.S. dollar is right now? Probably not. Ask Z, he knows all too well probably. A little over a year ago, the Euro to U.S. dollar ratio was about 1:1. Now it is much worse. 30 euros is now 46 dollars!!! Try buying something online that only takes euro. Monopoly money has more value than the dollar thanks to the policies of the Bush Administration. We are so indebted to China and Saudi Arabia so much we should change the name of our country to Chin-di Arabia. Let's borrow more money to fund this fuckfest we call the War On Terror.

Too bad the real terrorists (by definition: a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities ) have been running our country since 2001. Let's break the definition down. 'a radical': neo-cons are radical ultra-conservatives. 'employs terror': they use fear (terror) on a daily basis to carry out their neo-con plans. 'usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells': Halliburton, Enron, Blackwater, ExxonMobil, Delphi, Dupont, and BP. 'often uses religion as a cover': how about almost ALWAYS uses religion as a cover.

But I digress, here is OUR Commander-in-Chief being 'presidential' and flubbing and stuttering and repeating Karl Rove one-liners of yore. Pay special attention about the fact he doesn't know anything about the $4/gallon gas prices and a new president in Russia. A man who says we need him because he knows about foreign policy doesn't know anything about Russia, our former enemy for a half-a-century.

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slyght said...

i'm not sure how into NIN you are, but his latest CD really echoes a lot of the stuff you talk about. you might want to DL and play it in the background while you research your news. it's definitely an anti-bush CD. some typical anti-songs are: good soldier, capital G, my violent heart, god given, the greater good, the great destroyer, and another version of the truth... sounds bush-ish