We Are Fukkked!!!!!

We are fukkked. Royally! Today a read about ANOTHER attack inside the 'Green Zone' in Baghdad. This time, American causalities are being reported. This is inside the 'Green Zone': the U.S. super-protected, guarded, reinforced, business 'mecca' in Iraq. This is where all the politicians are photographed talking about how much progress is in Iraq. These are where the oil industry is set up to control oil production. These are where all the contractors live the luxurious life in the region. They have to evade possible mortar attacks, sure, but usually the chances of actually being struck were slim.

Insurgents are now targeting the 'green zone' better. This could be just the beginning of the ramp up in violence against American interests in Iraq. The cease fire of radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is hanging on by a thread. The U.S., that means us, has been essentially paying off some groups who want to attack. This has nothing to do with al Qaeda, but with the warring factions inside Iraq.

Sunni's and Shiite's do not like each other. We are nothing more than a Good Samaritan trying to break up a fight between the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers. We are just gonna get killed trying to stop it. Do you blame the Iraqis for the violence? Or do you blame the idiots who put us in this position?

We are fukkked. George Bush has moved so many chess pieces on his world domination chess table that he has left the queen exposed. Every move has been wrong, except Afghanistan (in the beginning). He has put us in the worst possible position a nation can be in. We were the world super-power. We are a joke now.

He has us spending billions of dollars a month to keep Iraq from collapse. We are so broke that we have borrowed tons of money from places like Saudi Arabia and China. We are not getting out of Iraq, so more and more money will be borrowed. Our dollar is worthless, our economy is tanking, our imported products are cheap lead filled trinkets, our military is deflated, and our government is bailing out all the big corporations who need help (fukkk regular citizens).

We are in the 6th round of a 12 rounder and we are fighting on fumes. A K.O. punch could flatten us. We are on the ropes. Bush and his cronies have caused all of these problems, that is why they say everything is fine. Saying how fukkked up we are will only accept that they screwed up our nation to where it might take the next generation to repair.

What does Bush have to say about all the violence in Iraq and the 'progress' we are making? He says, today, that progress is being made, and we need to be patient. BullShit!!!!! He said that in 2006. He said that in 2007 (remember, he said be patient, we have a plan, called the surge, that will fix it). Now it is 2008, and he is saying the same shit. He will continue to say it until either something happens which gives him a door to bomb Iran, or until his term is up.

He has nothing else to say. He knows it is all fukkked up. He can't do a thing. But grin and bear it and don't admit defeat. And hope John McCain keeps the shitty ship on the present course. And it looks like he will do so brilliantly. This past weekend, for the THIRD TIME, McCain has said Iraq is outfitting al Qeada. This is not true, but if you say thing enough in politics, it becomes true. Let it no happen to us, please.

We are fukkked so unbearably that we are now a shell of our former self. Can you see it? Stuck in Iraq, spending unGodly piles of cash, pissing off children who will grow up wanting to kill us, borrowing from (what some consider) the enemy, stuck between Sunni and Shiite with no way out. If we leave, Iraq will quickly sink into a pit of hell. If we stay, We will sink into that hell just as quickly. We have no chess pieces left. All our pawns are off the board, our knights are all wounded and on their fourth tour, our bishops are too busy looking for donations to do anything that would help, and the queen is exposed. thanks to the king.

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