That Will Fix Things

Today Congress did something that will accomplish nothing. The House voted to allow the U.S. Justice Department to sue OPEC countries for working together to limit output. Yes, that's how we, as Americans, lead the pack in facing the future energy problems: sue. We were not sued for all the years of taking oil out of the middle east before the OPEC countries knew how important the stuff was beneath their feet. They were threatened to lower pricing, that is why they formed OPEC, to stand up to the U.S. and Britain.

"I'll Sue!!!" The battle cry of the New America. We are the world's leading consumer of oil. We are pumping a lot out of the ground in the U.S. today (8 million plus barrels per day; 3rd in the world mbd; Saudi Arabia is 10.5), but we are the biggest consumers (20.8 million barrels per day; Japan is 2nd: 5.1 mbd) by far. So if we consume more than you pump, then you need to go elsewhere. We are so desperate for it right now that any country who becomes industrialized is a threat to us. And getting in the Middle East is a strategic point for the future of our cushy, lard filled civilization (maybe we need to fall back a little to give us our edge back).

Now, we all know why we went into Iraq, and it wasn't for terrorism. This is a 30 year plan to insert U.S. forces into the region to maintain it's power over control of oil. Ever since the Oil Embargo of 1973-1974, and the Shah's removal from power in Iran in 1979, the U.S. influence with OPEC has been non-existent. And now there is China and India in a major industrial growth spurt, the same we had in the early 1900's. China and India are now the influencers.

Our leaders know we went into Iraq for oil. Hell, even John McCain confirmed that statement. He says that being independent from foreign oil gets us out of the Middle East. So when you pump out 8 mbd, and you use 20 mbd, then we got a lot of work to do to lower that number. More pumping is needed? Maybe, but not to destroy what's left of the old world. That will not solve the problem we face today.

We will be there no matter who is in charge here. And here is what will happen.
* A handful of Middle East suppliers will regain the influence they had in the 1970s and once again be able to dictate the terms on world oil markets and manipulate oil prices and world politics.
* Middle Eastern producers will continue to use their oil revenues to increase their military expenditures, fuel an arms race and undermine regional stability.
* Corrupt, oppressive regimes will continue to use oil revenues as a means to maintain their power.
* Wealth generated by oil rich Middle Eastern countries will continue to flow into terrorist organizations and organizations promoting radical Islam.
* The U.S. will need to keep increasing American military presence in the region to ensure our access to the remaining oil. This will mean further U.S. embroilment in Middle East conflicts, more anti-American sentiment, and a deepening rift between the West and the Islamic world.
* Tension between the U.S. and China due to growing Chinese intervention in the Middle East to ensure its own access to oil and Chinese arming of Middle Eastern countries hostile to the U.S. and its allies.
* Further drain on economic resources caused by imports of expensive oil.

We need to use less oil. Most of our oil use is for transportation. Let's make our cars use less oil, or how about this: find another way. And I don't mean corn. Corn fuel is just the farm lobby and Congressman who are sucking-up to voters. Hybrid-electric cars are increasing in popularity, but for every car that goes 50 mpg, there are lots who go 14 mpg. Hydrogen power needs explored more. What do you need to get hydrogen fuel? water. that is it. water. What is the car by-product of hydrogen fuel? water. What is the by-product of the hydrogen plants in the process of converting water to hydrogen? oxygen. Basic electrolysis. Why isn't there more talk of that?

What about other ways of producing energy in America? Solar Power. Imagine if the federal government was giving $1 billion a month to research more powerful solar panels. Imagine if $10 billion dollars a month was spent to install those solar panels all over our country: in the desert, on top of every government building, along all major interstates. Imagine the jobs created to make the panels and install them. Just a small portion of our war in Iraq can do this.

Imagine the cost of energy for the average American when they can buy those same solar panels and supply their own house with electricity. And even have a surplus where they could 'sell back' remaining energy to the power companies. Imagine getting a check from AEP. Can't be done? It is being done in Germany right now.

Yes, Germany, who was flattened by us not many years ago, is more advanced than us in the Energy Race. We are far, far, far, far behind other industrialized nations when it comes to initiative in looking for other energy methods. I guess that is what we get for letting an oil man run the show for the past 8 years.

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