Fair Trade? My Ass

I was driving yesterday, and I saw a bumper sticker demanding "fair trade" (right next to that sticker was an Obama sticker). "Fair Trade", the phrase used by Liberals to garner votes. Say you are bringing back "fair trade" and the masses will clap. The masses will hit the lever and get the treat just like a trained chimp. But is "Fair Trade" possible in today's age?

Yes...And monkeys will fly out of my ass! What does the U.S. have to trade? What do we have to offer to make if "Fair"? We import everything in this country. Why? Our economy has been so shitty for many years (even before 9-11). We need the cheap, foreign, child labor to make our clothes because almost All Americans cannot afford items like clothes, produce, fast food hamburger 'meat', and other cheap, Wal-Mart-like products otherwise. The idea of "Buy American" is long, long, long gone.

So what does America have to trade? Money. Lots and lots of Money. We give other countries our money, and, in return, we buy cheap shit that breaks after a month. And then we give that same country more money to buy the same cheap shit again.

That money the country has is then used to buy a product that America truly exports...Military Weaponry. We will sell any country anything that kills massive amounts of people. You need missiles, machine guns, tanks, fighter jets, Humvees? Buy American, or Russian.

Another item that America can't wait to sell is it's American Companies. Companies can't wait to trade it's company for some of that money. Capitalism at it's best. A country no longer owned by it's citizens, run by foreign interests, propping up straw men to keep the populous in check, and exploiting the gullibility and spending nature of the people.

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