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I was doing some reading today, and one website brought this to my attention. With all the McCain-Palin rhetoric and theatrics giving the Liberal media/blogs into an uproar, no Liberal is talking about their nominees: Barack Obama and Joseph Biden.

Isn't it funny that everything you read about is about McCain-Palin? That nobody talks about Obama's plans. That the only thing that we hear from the Obama camp recently is the defending of Barack's personal relationships. Is this bad for Liberals? The Left Mediosphere spends more time on McCain-Palin than Obama-Biden. Like they say: any news is good news.

McCain-Palin is, ironically, running a campaign like Paris Hilton runs her life: It doesn't matter what the attention is about, they just want to be in the spotlight. And no matter what people may say, McCain-Palin will get fans just like Paris gets them just by being somewhere.

The left is up in arms over the choice of Palin, and I agree with them. This is a person who is bringing down (to a lower level than I even thought) the Presidential Run-up to the election. All look, style, but no substance. She's a Pitbull, not a hockey mom, and she wears lipstick. She says what the McCain camp can't say: Barack is a Muslim, terrorist who will destroy the country and instill a MUSLIM religion (gawd forbid the Constitution includes anyone but White Christians). That is all she is good for.

But Liberals have to start spending time talking about their horse, not picking on the other horse in this Belmont-like-in-length election cycle. Otherwise, nobody will find out the truth, what the nominees really want to happen to this country. But, instead, all we hear is rhetoric and attacks. Both sides do it (don't proclaim your side is above it).

Data and policy can be re-worded to make one side wrong on the point when, in actuality, the data or policies may make this country stronger in the long run. We will never know because neither party will talk about the issues and what THEY stand for. Instead, you will hear a quick talking point about the candidates policy, then an additional 90 seconds of attacking the other candidates ideas. What do we really learn about the candidates, either of them?

But, you ask, how can we CHANGE this and actually BELIEVE IN that we are hearing the truth? Not just a pre-scripted con to keep the country thinking this is a democracy. Corporations decide the President, and it's a win-win situation for them. Each party gets campaign contributions from the same corporations. They have so much money (now it's the taxpayer's money, but it's still money) that they put up the farm for both heads and tails.

So, how do we change this? Get the media, who is owned by huge corporations (G.E., White-Westinghouse, Disney, eg) who want the status quo to continue, to change. We need a public uproar over allowing third-party candidates (instead of "lipstick on a pig" and "Obama supports terrorists") in the national, major network debate forum. A boycott of network television, and the soon to follow drop in ad revenue should do the trick. But if that doesn't work, several thousand people protest should do (even if it doesn't, when the Blackwater soldiers surround the building and shoot protesters that will do it).

But every major network has picked their pony, and there is only room for two on the track. Good vs Evil, David vs Goliath, Right vs Wrong. It's good for ratings. It's like a reality show.

I have yet to decide who I want as President. McCain is a definite NO. Obama is probably the choice just because I want to make sure McCain will not win Ohio. But who do I want as President? Remember "Brewster's Millions"? I vote "none of the above."

If there is one, it has to be Ralph Nader. He's a close to a Truth Talker as there is. When will you hear an unscripted sit-down with Barack Hussein Obama or John Sidney McCain III talking about what matters instead of talking about how the other man is evil?

Just imagine McCain or Obama talking about the control of corporations over national politics. You can't, can you?

One quote from Nader that I want you to read (if your too lazy or scared to watch 10 minutes of truth): "The principle difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties, with certain exceptions, the principle difference is the velocity with which their knees hit the floor when corporations pound on their door."

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themom said...

Palin, as the "hatchet person" is trying to INCITE racial situations now. I find this despicable. I want SP to just quietly go back to Alaska and let the Eskimos have at her!!