My Summay Of The Last Debate

Question 1: How to solve the Economic Crisis?

McCain: Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, trouble, more debt, transparency, and pay off mortgages

Obama: A bunch of numbers, more money, more debt, and tax break

McCain: Joe the Plumber, Obama with higher taxes, talking point

Obama: Exxon, 95% of Americans, talking point

McCain: Joe the Plumber, spread the wealth, business first, Obama increases taxes, Joe the Plumber again

Obama: Exxon, pay taxes,

McCain: taxes too high

Question 2: Need to eliminate programs due to cost; give specifics?

Obama: living beyond means, dodges cut programs, spins it to Energy and Health Insurance and College, spins it to his talking points

McCain: Stuck on Question 1, Energy first errr second of all, nuclear, energy independence, spending freeze, no specifics, is tariffs spending cuts?, eliminate earmarks

Obama: no specifics, now he's on earmarks, generality, a little bit of history, budget surplus before Bush, new direction

Question 3: Balance Budget?

McCain: he is not Bush (but the people who are running his campaign are), Bloomberg freezes, he will balance (no specifics), back to hurting and angry Americans, attacks Obama, MAVERICK!!!!, stood up to leaders

Obama: Tort, McCain keeps jumping in, clean coal, on the defense, does not talk about balancing the budget, McCain=Bush

McCain: he has scars, torture, he's a fighter against the Repubs, he hates the Repub's I guess

Question 4: What high road? Say it to their face?

McCain: tough campaign, he regrets some aspects, Obama didn't repudiate remarks of John Lewis, negative ads by Obama and McCain can prove it, Obama didn't keep his word, does not mention Ayers (yet)

Obama: tough campaign, 100% of McCain's ads negative?,

{this is a debate?, they are actually talking about issues?}

, 4 more years of Bush (talking point), McCain camp: "if we keep talking about the economic crisis, we lose" (talking point), politics as usual

McCain: Arizona Cardinals beat the Dallas Cowboys, McCain loves stem cells, Obama is spending $$$$$$$ on negative attack ads, Joe the Plumber's back, back to Congressman Lewis

Obama: on the defense of Lewis (no part of Obama's campaign), "Terrorist", "Kill Him!", "Kill Him" is the same as "reminds me of the segregation age", cynical Americans, "tit for tat" but Obama is doing it just as much as McCain, Obama on the offensive

McCain: fringe people at rallies, Veterans Vietnam Korea War Patriotic Citizens... deflects the subject

{We need Jerry Springer.."Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!}

Obama: the issues is important, cannot characterize as bad people

McCain: Ayers a washed up terrorist, Acorn

Obama: Obama sets the record on Ayers, Obama on the defensive, lazy people work for Acorn

McCain: Obama in Ayers' living room, McCain is best, Obama to raise taxes

Question 5: Why your V.P. is best?

Obama: Biden has foreign policy credentials (no specifics), Scranton Penn, the little guy, the small town, help working families, 8 years failed policies (talking point), tax cuts to the little guy (talking point), get serious about energy (talking point), college (talking point)

McCain: Palin fights corruption, she gives money to taxpayers, negotiates with Big Oil, reformer through and through, breath of fresh air, cronyism, reform, special needs families, ignited the Right, husband is tough

Q6: Is Palin qualified to be President?

Obama: autism needs money, Palin is good??

Q7: Is Biden qualified to be President?

McCain: Biden is wrong, he wants dictators to control the entire middle east, Obama wants "to spend more", McCain is a reformer,

Q8: Foreign Oil: what NUMBER can we reduce foreign oil imports in your first term?

McCain: Eliminate foreign oil (no number), attacks Obama, build Nuclear plants, Obama works for Greenpeace, clean coal, wind solar, 7-10 years can eliminate, drill baby drill, {no real #}

Obama: again talks about the future (10 years), borrowing money from China to pay Middle East, does not give total in first term, we can't drill way out of problem, solar wind bio-fuel, {still no #}, South Korea cars, not free trade, {still no #}

McCain: Drill Now!!!!!, free trade good, confusing talk about trade, talking about Columbia for some reason, Obama aids the drug trade, we give billions to Columbia for drugs, Obama needs to visit Columbia, no talk about energy

Obama: {Columbia is now the HOT BUTTON TOPIC?!?!?!?!}, human rights, now Obama is talking about Peru?!?!?, no talk about energy, fuel efficient cars, clean energy

McCain: Obama was talking about energy now McCain is back on Columbia, Obama wants to team with Chavez the terrorist, Obama will sink us into Depression

Q9: Control Health Care Costs? or Increase Care?

Obama: do both (duh), story of people laid off, his health care plan (talking point), no discrimination, cheap drugs, make system more efficient (like the government always does), make families healthy

McCain: painful for Americans, his hands shaking (he may need a doctor), fat kids are the cause, $5000 tax credit {'cause $5000 is the cost for health care?}, Joe the Plumber will get fined

Obama: Joe the Plumber will not get fined, taxpayers pick up the cost, Joe needs to do the right thing and get his employees health care, McCain's plan: 20 million will lose health care from their employeer and McCain taxes the Health Care Benefits and McCain's plan will exclude people

McCain: Obama wants to take Joe's money, Congratulations your Rich, transplants are cosmetic surgery?, Senator Government wants to do the job but McCain wants Joe to do the job

Obama: McCain's plan is bad and will unravel the employer-based health care system

Q10: Roe vs Wade?

McCain: Roe v Wade is a state issue, McCain only cares about the qualifications {fuck whether a woman's basic right will be lost}, no litmus test

Obama: Roe v Wade hangs in the balance, abortion is difficult issue, women need to make the decision and the whole "Right to Privacy" thing, important issue, he spins it about a gender discrimination lawsuit

McCain: change the culture of America, courage and compassion to the woman's decision, Obama votes present

Obama: Obama on the defensive, partial-birth abortion: needs and exception on mother's life, abortion is a wedge issue, Obama says there is a common ground {no there isn't},

McCain: Extremists want to help the mother's life during an abortion, those who are not born have more rights than a woman who has lived on Earth

Q11: U.S. spends more on education than any other country, but kids are getting dumber. What the hell are you going to do?

Obama: we got to fix it, need more money AND reform, need an army of teachers, need better math and SCIENCE scores, need college more affordable (talking point), parents need to be more responsible

McCain: civil rights issue?, need competition for the dumb kids

Obama: Bush's 'no child left behind' left the money behind, no funding for special needs children, teachers need higher salaries {to pay to keep the kid they are fucking's mouth shut}, vouchers are bad, children are our future

McCain: vouchers are good, 'no child...' had problems, head start is not working, money will not fix it...reform is, transparency, reform, reform, reform, will not throw money

Obama: McCain interrupts, Obama with fuzzy math about vouchers

McCain: gets a sentence in


McCain: My Friends, difficult times, graphic demonstrations, change, reform, take on my party, 9-11 Commission, need to make health care "avoida....affordable", steward of the tax dollar, reform, record, country first, long line of McCains, proud to serve, honored and humbled.

Obama: tough times, troubles over decades, no same failed policies over past 8 years, fundamental change, Obama in homes, Americans are generous, invest in people, tax cuts for middle class, college for everyone, higher wages, more middle class, utopia, renew, sacrifice service and responsibility, he will work every day


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These were NOT debates and we know that. Just another forum to spew!!!