A Cute Portrayer of LIES and DECEITE

From ChristWire.com:

This week, evolutionists went into the dark, backward land of the Africas to abduct a real life monkey. They coerced this poor creature of the jungle into eating an apple on film, using camera work to make it look like a young child enjoying an apple. This propaganda piece is meant to sway your mind into thinking, ‘this is where man evolved from'.

As you should know, man was created approximately 6000 years ago and given dominion over the beasts and plant life of Earth. While evolution works in a point forward basis, all creatures of Earth have their origins in the Garden of Eden, where Adam named them one by one.

Please tell me this site is satire? Please?

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slyght said...

i certainly hope it is satire as well. not as obvious as the onion, but i read some other articles, and it's really tough to tell if they are serious. googly.

i'm gonna take the CAPTCHA as a sign it is fake. my CAPTCHA is "crockler"