The Testtube Baby Factory Is On It's Way!

And I don't mean "The Octomom" is on her way back to the fertility clinic. In August, 2001, President George W. Bush had to take a long weekend at his "ranch" in Crawford, Texas, to "think" about how to handle the embryonic stem cell debate. His decision, much like must of his decisions over his tenure as "The Decider," was guided by his born-again Christian, messenger-for-God delusions that the Religious Right has the true interpretation of the Bible.

You may tell from my posts that I am not a religious person. But I am a good person. I don't steal, I don't murder, and I don't intentionally attempt to withhold opportunities on the basis of race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation. I didn't need to live by an old book to teach me not to do that; but, in actuality, the organized religions have stolen, murdered, and are bigoted...and their justification is the old book.

The Right Wing's assault on "Reason" had a commander, George W. Bush. He used the idea that babies are being murdered so the evil, wicked, mad scientists want to cut up babies and suck the goo out of them.

What is the truth? Couples who have undergone in-vitro fertilization and are not in need of the extra embryos can either donate their embryos to another couple, or donate them to science. Most of the embryos are thrown away as medical waste. There are a half-million plus embryos out there. They ARE NOT going to be future white-trash kids, they are just going to be discarded.

The embryos are not getting "killed." They also make outrageous revelations of a near-future Obama (Devil) country where we will start "farming embryos." Wherever the Religious Right needs to go to maintain it's relevance they will go. Maybe they go after Jack Daniels Whiskey for giving many sperm-producing men "Whiskey Dick."

An argument used by the Religious Wackos out there is a group of children, called snowflake babies, born by frozen, would-have-been discarded embryos. "Adopt! Don't use the embryos for science! They can all have loving parents, as long as they are not the same sex!" Here is the thing, there are a 500,000 frozen embryos out there, and there have been only 134 snowflake babies.

500,000 embryos for only 134 successes? How about we take that 500,000 embryos and uses the funding of the American Government to possibly help the millions of suffering, breathing, living, out-of-the-womb humans?

Another argument by the Right Wing is that science has made great advances in the study and treatment using Adult Stem Cells, and Embryonic Stem Cell science is now a "Thing of the Past; with Obama spending too much time on out-dated science." If that spun anymore I'd call it a UFO.

The world's leading research scientists studying the most important diseases and disabilities facing the human race have been begging for the federal funding since Bush shut the door on it's possibility. They made due, and made a few advances on Adult Stem Cells on the very few opportunities Adult Stem Cells are useful. Most involve bone marrow transplantation.

Embryonic Stem Cells, on the other hand, have the ability to become anything the scientist can program it to be. It will open the door to a wide array of treatments for most of biggest diseases affecting mankind, and not to mention some paralyzed people could possible walk.

Could this over-ruling of Obama be the beginning of many moves to bring back sanity to the country? Will this begin the taking back of school boards which in the past has tried to shelve Darwin's truth? Does more of the country see the Religious Right's hubris over the past twenty years and pronounce their influence back to Hell?

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