Which Freaks You Out More?

On a previous post of mine, I embedded a video of an 8 year old child mimicking the ramblings of evangelicals. I say "mimicking" instead of "preaching" because preaching takes a few more years of indoctrination into their parent's superstitions, who were indoctrinated by their parents, who were in turn indoctrinated by their parents, etc.

Now, here is another video of a young child who is probably "mimicking" what his parents believe. This time it's conservatism.

This kid must have parent(s) who listen to Rush Limbaugh. Only Rush could speak for that long without saying anything. Keep that kid away from Oxycontin!

In both instances, we are witnessing the molding of fresh, out of the container for the first time, PLAY-DOH which is the child's mind. And people say that individuals have a free will to decide what they want to believe in. In both instances, and probably many instances where children mimic their parents beliefs like this, the child is behaving and ACTING like this because they have daddy or mommy or daddy and mommy issues. Either one of them was never around during their growing-up phase, or they are starving for the parent(s) attention. Why doesn't mommy/daddy pay as much attention to me as Rush/Preacher?

In both cases, just seeing these two kids recite, at will, ideology without comprehending the meaning to the words they are saying. Just "reciting" what they heard from somebody else. Neither can break down their statements and dissect them into an intelligent analysis, even though their speeches could influence a large population of Americans. They have no real, personal ideology, just an idea of how to say things to make make people think they know what they are talking about. Each kid reminds me of Sarah Palin.

Isn't it funny that both of these indoctrinated children would probably be playing "quid pro quo" with each other in about 15 years? The conservative politician needing the religious vote to stay elected. And the religious one needing relevance through conservative policies to maintain the money in the church basket... the only thing that religion cares about.

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