Remember When...

you would go to a bank for a loan, the banker would review your info, and offer you a loan that was honest and treated you fairly? No, not me either. I am too young to have ever seen that day. People would open a savings account in a bank. Others would ask for a loan. Banks would use the money from the savings account to fund the loan. The bank would ask a modest interest rate. No deceptive advertising. No 'fine print'. No 'you should have read it before you signed it' as if that washes your hand of your usury.

When the radio and TV is flooded with mortgage firms advertising THEIR interest rate, I knew if was bullshit. And the chia pet "really grows". And Clorox Bleach is good for the environment. Advertisements will lie and deceive to get you to buy the product... We (the U.S.) trusted the banking system too much and thought they were helping us. That makes what you did even more callous as I have previously described. You knew what you were doing!

Berine Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for his schemes. What he did was a drop in the bucket compared to the intentional disregard to human civility y'all stood party too when the profits were soaring, the commissions were given, and nobody gave a shit about the people who were going to be affected by the housing bubble you unnaturally inflated beyond Gordon Gekko's imagination.

These are the times I hope there actually is a God. 'Cause your ass would be going to hell. Instead, you will walk away with no punishment. Hopefully, but not probably, your semi-used conscious is slowly eating away at you. No matter how much you tell yourself, you are the one at fault.