Dear Right Wing Wacko (35% of population)

Wow! So much ignorance it boggles the mind. Though, I should not be surprised after you’ve been subjected to a lifetime of right wing rhetoric flaming your fears of liberal strawmen.

First, we have all this talk about the free-market, as if what we have in this country in any way shape or form resembled a free-market. This market is so tightly controlled it isn’t even funny. What we have here is cronie-capitalism, not free-market.

Open your eyes people! The right wing is only about concentrating power into the hands of those who already have it. They aren’t interested in sharing. They don’t care how hard you work; you aren’t invited into their club.

And the only reason you fools can say with a straight face that the networks are left biased is because you wouldn’t know a left wing idea if it walked up and smacked you upside your empty head.

You’ve been convinced that anyone not with you is about big oppressive nanny government and how much you oppose such a thing, yet, you completely ignore the reality that it’s the right who puts the most control over you. They’re the ones who want to regulate your behavior. Who want to control who you can love, what you can read, how you worship. They are the ones who want to ensure that you don’t have the right to seek redress against a corporation that causes you or your loved ones harm.

If the GOP is so anti-government, why is it that the federal government always grows under GOP leadership? Our national debt went from inconsequential to unfathomable under Reagan’s stewardship. And Bush Jr has redefined the very concept of debt.

These policies you claim are so great and these politicians you support so vehemently have this country past the point of bankruptcy, our economy is on the edge of collapse. Our status in the world is mud, and we’re all collectively mass murderers.

This is no accident the collapse of the dollar and our shift from the biggest creditor nation to the greatest debtor. This is not accidental this is the predictable and I dare say predicted result of the policies you “conservatives” support.

You have undermined the security of this nation in so many ways that I can’t even begin but to give a small sampling of in this post.

We now a Chinese company manufacturing the spare parts to repair our F-16 fighters. So we can’t even repair our own combat aircraft with parts out-sourced, and would have to rely on our most likely opponent in a major war for such spares. That’s real bright.

Right now the Air Force and the republicans in congress are trying to give the contract to build our next generation tanker aircraft to the Europeans. Never mind that this takes jobs right out of America, it also means that yet one other critical portion of our military infrastructure is not available or manufactured locally.

These same people have allowed all of our industrial capacity to be moved off shore so we have no manufacturing base left.

We owe so much foreign debt that the Chinese, who have more of our currency than they know what to do with, are busily buying up our country with our debt. And in an almost peotic twist of justice we are slowly trading our country for cheap trinkets much like our ancestors acquired Manhattan from it’s original residents.

And until such time as a way to get through to you ignoramuses, we have no way out of this mess.

The Constitution starts with the words “We the People in order to form a more perfect union” The people in that sentence refer to us, just like the concept of government for the People by the People.

You are the government, and when you raid against the government you are engaging in self flagellation.

If government doesn’t work it’s because we don’t demand that it works.

The rules and laws are supposed to serve us. But instead they serve the rich and powerful who can afford to buy off our representatives. And these congressmen are not worth a lot. Some corporations buy off congressmen for a mere $6,000.

While you weren’t watching and while you were sucking down the free-market cool aid, they have sold you out to the highest bidder. They have financed their largest profits on the backs of your grandchildren.

The left does not hate success. They do not envy others accomplishments nor do they diminish them in any way.

But when you look around and there are people living in squaller while a small few live in luxury and decadence, something is very wrong with the system. When one person can afford to live the life of luxury and leisure with out ever having to lift a finger while others working their fingers to the bones have problems keeping their children fed, there is something wrong.

We saw this once before. The roaring 20s were run to the same excesses that the 80s and 90s were. We had extreme concentration of wealth; we had speculators running rampant in the stock markets, and we all know how that ended.

Because you have perspective of history because all you have ever heard was side of the debate you remain in ignorance waiting for the mythical invisible hand of Adam to save you.

Well it’s not coming just as it didn’t come for those who lived through the depression.

And the only way we’re going to get through this is for people to recognize that actions have consequences and to understand that there is more to being responsible than just talking about it’s lack in others.

You accuse us of being like children while you run about your lives like a petulant 3 years old parroting “MINE MINE MINE” thinking it is ok to take what you want and damned be the consequences.

Adults recognize that sometimes being responsible means doing things that you don’t like. Adults recognize that sometimes children have to be disciplined.

Well, if you behave like children you should not be surprised when the adults step in to put you in time out.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for people like you. Keep writing.