We Support 44 Dictators, We Support Drugs,...

we support the President of Afghanistan, whose brother is the biggest drug king-pin in that country, we support the President of Pakistan, who reaps the profits. Why?

Drugs are big business. Most people in Washington realize that the War on Drugs is unwinnable, but the funding is needed. The bureaucracy, which is OUR government, starve for the Drug War funding, much like a 'crack' addict needing one more cheap hit.

450,000 people die a year from smoking cigarettes. 150,000 people die a year because of alcohol abuse. Not one reported case of marijuana death has been reported in the last year. 60% of prisoners are non-violent drug offenders. And prisons are at its highest populations ever. What has happened to our country? 1 in 10 people have been in prison. Out of 100 people who have been in prison, upwards of 60 of them were in there just because they had some illegal drug in their possession. And 85% percent of all American people who have used illegal substances ONLY USED marijuana. That leaves a small population of people who use any other type of illegal drug. That means up to around 55% of all prisoners in the U.S. are in prison because they possessed weed. Weed is the most abundant cash crop in many states, including California, so that is a lot of weed smoked by a lot of people.

Why does the government care so much about drugs? Because those aren't the drugs that the government wants you to take.

The top 10 drug companies account for more than 50% of Fortune 500 profits. Don't use a natural drug that can be grown in your backyard to help you through your chemo treatment, buy this synthetic drug that has so many bad side effects that you have to buy three more of our synthetic drugs to counteract those side effects.

Marijuana would make treatment cheap. And that is bad for Big Drug. And when you have people like Donald Rumsfeld, who was C.E.O. of Searle Pharmaceuticals, always around the Republican Administrations, you know who is really running this country. Who would let this happen?

It started with Nixon, who created the DEA. He also labeled drugs in 'schedule's, with Schedule 1 being the most "violent" and "dangerous". Marijuana is in that category along with the likes of cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroine. The drug war really took hold with the Reagan Administration with the War of Drugs. What is the staple of Reagan and Bush I and Bush II administration is starting wars that need to be continued indefinately. Reagan had the Cold War (which ended), then it switched to War on Drugs which continued through Bush I. Bush II took the War on Drugs and stepped it up a notch with the Department of Homeland Security and 'Private Prisons'. Bush II also started a little thing called the War on Terror, the seemingly perfect unlimited war because terrorist will be around till the end of time (he made sure of that). Bush II learned well from Bush I, cause Bush I is the man who really made the War on Drugs unlimited.

Iran-Contra scandal in 1987 unearthed the ways the Conservative agenda would stoop to to control the world. The Reagan Administration, along with the CIA, sold missiles to Iran (our enemy at the time; a Muslim dictator at the helm; at the same time we was funding Saddam in Iraq to fight Iran) for cash. They used that cash to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua to fight of the Communist Sandinista's. More money was needed. The CIA knew the Contras were producing cocaine.

The CIA began shipping, through U.S. military cargo planes, to the U.S., namely Los Angeles, to be sold to the lower class black neighborhoods like Watts, South Central, Inglewood. The CIA set up local dealers to disperse the cocaine, like Freeway Rickey Ross: who became a 2-3 million dollar a week dealer. He was protected as long as he was useful and was arrested after he was no longer needed. He will be released in 2013, and probably will end up murdered shortly thereafter.

Oliver North was the orchestrator of Iran-Contra, which he somehow parlayed into a Senate run and FOX NEWS commentator since he was white, Christian, military man so that means white morons will vote for him even though he was a traitor to the Constitution. Oliver North had a sizable hand in the shipping of cocaine and covering up of government involvement in the transaction. That is step one, get the product in the U.S. Next, fight it. The War on Drugs was a Reagan and Bush I policy that funnels billions of dollars a year to the finding, arresting, prosecuting, holding, punishing, housing, and spying. That is big business.

Now, the War on Drugs funding is at an all-time high. The state funding of California alone is $1 billion. That is just what the state of California gives. The U.S. government feeds $40 billion a year to the vein of bureaucracy's arm. And with the biggest bureaucracy ever created, the Department of Homeland Security, the federal government cost is staggering. And with a constant stream of new marijuana possession arrests, the money will always be needed. It's a perfect system.

Money comes from the government, goes to corporations like the Tennessee-based Corrections Corporation of America (who employees a man by the name of Gustavus Adolphus Puryear IV, who is now a Bush II appointed Federal Judge in Tennessee)(they build private prisons, which are popping up everywhere, where they charge the federal government $40,000 to $50,000 per inmate; then Homeland Security pumps massive amounts of money to the local police if they get arrests for drug possession; the private prison gets to max out the prison and in turn get the most profits; the private prison then uses those prisoners to do work which makes them more money while paying the prisoner practically nothing). Wall Street gets money, the corporations get money, the bureaucracy get gets increased budgets, and the Administration can say they are succeeding. Everybody wins except the American citizen and civil liberties.

Another man involved is George Bush I. He has had his hand in Washington for several decades, including being the Director of the CIA. He can make anything happen. He has helped orchestrate many of the dictators the CIA has propped up in many countries, he can easily get more cocaine in the U.S. If you think this is hearsay, look it up. In fact John Kerry, who faced G.W. Bush in the last election, was the writer of the "Kerry Report" which exposed this shame to the American people. Bush I was never gonna let Kerry win that election.

Now Bush I's son is in the White House, but, nothing has changed. The same people are in power. The same people back then, during the Iran-Contra affair and the beginning of the Drug War, are in all the high power places now. Some have had to 'retire' or 'resign' because they got caught, but most still remain. Here are the main figures currently who were around in the White House back during Reagan.

All of these men ignored the law, ignored Congressional sanctions on Iran-Contra, ignored OUR Constitution, and they are still in power:

John Negroponte> during Iran-Contra: Ambassador; now: Director of National Intelligence

Robert Gates> during Iran-Contra: Director of the CIA; now: Secretary of Defense

Michael Hayden> during Iran-Contra: Head of NSA; now: Director of CIA

Otto Reich> during Iran-Contra: produced propaganda against Sandinistas; now Assistant Secretary of State

Elliott Abrams> during Iran-Contra: Middle East affairs; now: on National Security Council

John Poindexter> during Iran-Contra: National Security Advisor; now: Director of DARPA

John Walters> he is son of Iran-Contra CIA Chief Vernon Walters; now: Drug CZAR

This is part of I don't know how many parts of my expose on who is really controlling our government. You will soon learn about the other members of Bush I's inner circle. You will hear about the Carlyle Group and who is involved in that. You will read about Prescott Bush, Bush I's father, who allegedly tried to overthrow the government and set up a fascist (you know, a government controlled by corporations) dictatorship in the U.S. I guess things never do change.

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