Shifting Gears

Back to my favorite talk, the God delusion. If you have a chance to check out the book by Richard Dawkins, "The God Delusion", do it. I, for one, haven't read the book yet. But once my wife is done reading it, I will be quite interested in taking the book off of her hands.

She told me a story last week about her taking that book to one of her assignments. She was working there all day, and was in a cafeteria taking a lunch break, reading "The God Delusion". While there, a group of African American, church-going ladies, who were discussing Christ at the next table, began to harass (how usually hypocritically Christian of them) her because she was reading a book. What ever happened to freedoms in this country? You can't read a book, have a differing opinion, or believe, um, I mean, KNOW that billions of people have delusional fantasies of talking snakes and boats that housed every species on Earth (including all the extinct species ever to grace this rock)?

Just because a lot of people believe it doesn't mean it's fact. see also: J.F.K. Conspiracy, 9/11 Conspiracy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, American Dream, Low Interest Rate Credit Card, a Financial Institution Out For The Average Person's Well-Being, a Truthful Mortgage Broker (the 'New' Used Car Salesman), Eating Wendy's and Taco Bell Every Day Is Not That Bad For You, The 5 Minute Abs, A Pill Can Lose The Weight For You, Preservatives and Hormones In The Food Has No Lasting Effects On The Human Body, Driving a Gas-Guzzling SUV Will Make Your Dick Look Bigger.

You know what my wife did the very next day in that same cafeteria? She walked up to the same group of ladies, sat down right next to them, and began reading "The God Delusion" while holding the book up at an angle so as to display the title constantly to their faces. I couldn't have done it any better. I love it knowing I have a wife who doesn't fall for that inane drivel either.

I leave you now with a trailer for a new documentary called "Religulous". The film, directed by Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Mad About You, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Borat; you know, a satanist) and starring the man who speaks more truth in one of his hour-long HBO shows than President Bush has spoke over his seven years in office, Bill Maher(check out the 'new rules' section).


slyght said...

dude, that movie looks great. nice to see the wife stickin' it to "the man" er... "the bug guy" in this case?

themom said...

Love to see Dawkins when he is on Real Time w/ Bill Maher. You either hate him or love him - simple as that! Nice blog - just found it!