Is Anything Not Political?

Or Privileged?

Once again, the Bush Administration has claimed "Executive Privilege" in the Valerie Plame CIA outing case. For weeks, the House Oversight (which is an oxymoron now that Bush has turned the Federal Government into a one branch government) have been holding hearings over who told State Department official Richard Armitage to leak the Top Secret information (Plame's covert occupation) to the columnist Robert Novak, who used Carl Rove as the confirming source in 2003. Around that time Plame's husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson (who was based in Niger and knew Iraq wasn't looking for enriched "yellow-cake" uranium), was criticizing Bush's justifications in marching to war in Iraq.

I have been watching the hearings whenever I can. Also, I checked out the torture hearings. Just listening to these witnesses lie and "can't recall" their way through questioning by Democrats, then get praised by Conservative Republicans during their questioning.

Then when one man decides to tell the truth, Conservatives attack him. Scott McClellan: White House Former Press Secretary. He is the only Bush Administration official who is speaking out and answering the most TRUTHFUL way I have ever heard from a Bushie.

If you want to see a glimpse into the workings of the Bush White House, watch McClellan's testimony before Congress.


Especially see some important questions being asked by some of those Democrats (though some are too political). And see how the Republicans lambaste him as a wistle-blower and ask him essentially "Why didn't you keep your mouth shut? Traitor!" McClellan, I think, is doing this for US, America. Maybe there was one American in Washington.

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