America: A Nation of Whiners

Republicans have it right sometimes, like calling the nation a "nation of whiners". If something is said that upsets a group of people, the group of people doesn't refute the accusation with data and facts to claim the groups case is true. That would be difficult when they are trying to prove true some of the most false statements ever known to man: the Bible is the real word of a mystical creator of all of us (even though human's life on this planet is just one frame in the "Ben Hur" epic of Earth's history.

Another case that cannot be claimed true is that the U.S.'s economy is in a severe downturn, recession, that shows no end in sight (like the fake, propaganda-filled "War on Terror"). Phil Gramm, McCain's former chief economic adviser, said America has "sort of become a nation of whiners" wallowing in some kind of imaginary "mental recession."

Another person who likes calling people "whiners" is Sarah Palin. Talking about Hillary Clinton's historic Presidential Primary, Palin says, "When I hear a statement like that coming from a woman candidate with any kind of perceived whine about that excess criticism or, you know, maybe a sharper microscope put on her, I think, man, that doesn’t do us any good. Women in politics, women in general wanting to progress this country. I don’t think it’s, it bodes well for her -- a statement like that."

But isn't that what everyone does nowadays? Whine? Because that is a way to garner sympathy. It is so much easier to complain about the complaints than to actually disprove a factual complaint against a person. John McCain pulls this off all the time. When he is asked something he has no answer to Bullshit his way out of, he just says that you can't ask him that or accuse him he did that because is a POW, and was tortured for this country. Especially during the last two plus years, when McCain sold-out to the Right Wing Extremists who think creationism is the true science, evolution is heresy, abortion is murder in all cases, and starting wars against Muslim nations is important work, he throws the POW response when reporters (real reporters, not FOX NEWS reporters) ask him tough questions as to why he flip-flopped on all his "Maverick" beliefs that went against the Conservative Right.

Actually, John, according to your and your Republican Right Wing Religious Zealot's ideas of "torture", you were never tortured, just subjected to harsh interrogation techniques. If you watched the Bullshit-athon called the Republican National Convention, you saw many of the Republican leaders talk incessantly over McCain's abuses as a POW. But no one, I repeat NO ONE, said it was torture. McCain was TORTURED!!!! But he or anyone in his party can't say it because that would then mean that all the "enemy combatants" all over the world who were tortured by the hands of the U.S. Conservative Leaders were tortured in their definition of "torture".

And look what you got out of these harsh interrogation techniques: the ability to hold a very powerful position for decades just by having the POW moniker on your record, the beer heiress model second wife you married after you dumped your first wife, while she was in the hospital, after you returned to the U.S., and all the perks that come with marrying said multi-million dollar beer heiress model wife.

We need to hold our Representatives to a higher standard of communication with the American people. Whining about those who, they think, are whining is not a way to properly convey to US what you stand for as a political leader. How about making your case to why you believe that way, using insightful dialogue and thought-out arguments. Instead of just complaining that what you said "made me hurt inside" and "you are mean" and "you can't talk about that".

If you believe in Bullshit, then you are subjected to being called out on that Bullshit, no matter how many people think that your Bullshit is true. Otherwise, we will only elect those who prey on the stupidity of a large proportion of the population who fall for the "sad sap" person who is being "persecuted" instead of what honest dissent actually is: keeping our leaders in check.

Without dissent, we might as well invade every country that has oil, install a Puritan society in the U.S., and pay hard working Americans $3.00 per hour with no insurance so Corporations can make as much money for itself and it's major stockholders (China and Saudi Arabia to name two big ones).

To close, here is a clip of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you don't think he is a flip-flopper, a sell-out, and a panderer of epic proportions, you are Bullshitting yourself.

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