The Most Loved Woman in America...

and I don't mean Oprah Winfrey. Sarah Palin has taken this country by storm. Her selection as McCain's Vice Presidential choice has propelled McCain to the lead in many national polls. But what are we really getting with Palin?

Well, say goodbye to abortion rights. McCain and Palin will be instrumental in overturning Rowe v Wade. Why? Nothing based on science or the population of progressives who want an "evolution" of this country away from the past. They will overturn it to keep the Fanatical, Religious Fundamental base supporting them. Why do you think McCain chose a person who doesn't have the qualifications to govern Ohio. I mean, she's the Governor of fucking Alaska.

What's her religion? She lists it as Pentecostal: a fundamentalist religious movement within Christianity that places special emphasis on the direct personal experience of God. Great! Another person in the White House who thinks she can talk to God. If God is speaking to these people, then Bush should have gotten all the info he needed to bring this country to peace and prosperity. Talk about another four years of the same thing.

Another thing to say goodbye to is EVOLUTION!!!! Contrary to what you hear from the those who say they speak to god, evolution is proven daily. But she wants intelligent design to be taught in PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Madalyn Murray O'Hair's work is being shot down. It's hard to push back when religious folks are a dominate majority in this country (though they always whine that they are the ones being persecuted). This is what she said. "I believe we have a creator; and many theories of evolution." BULLSHIT!!!

She also wants to "let parents opt out of schoolbooks they find offensive." CENSORSHIP!!!! Just like what Fundamentalist Christians do best, wipe out anything that shows a view against the church. As mayor of Wasilla she considered the banning of books from the town's library. And she sees God in her own activities. "I think God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built," she testified at a church in June about her big project as governor.

Lets go into the farce that is Sarah Palin. She took three days to flatout lie to the American people. No spin, no hide some of the facts to make your view look better, no attacking the opponent over their position, JUST FLAT OUT LYING.

The first lie involves her words after McCain introduced her in Dayton, when she said she opposed the infamous "bridge to nowhere." She claimed that opposition as the basis to falsely showing herself as a Republican who opposes earmarks or pork projects. The problem is that Palin strongly supported the "bridge to nowhere" when she was running for governor in 2006 and then accepted money for it. Only after the bridge got negative publicity and Congress decided not to continue funding it, did she voice opposition to the project, but in more of an expedient "you can't cut our funding, we don't want it" manner. Of note is that she gladly took the pork money already funded for the bridge and built a road to where the bridge was supposed to be. I guess she built the "road to nowhere."

A second lie was her attempt to get her brother in law, a state trooper going through an ugly divorce with Palin's sister, fired , using her influence as governor. This trooper may have not been the exemplary cop, but he was investigated and punished for his actions (he was suspended five days). All was well, until Palin's sister filed for divorce. Then calls came from Palin to investigate the issue more, then members of the Alaska Cabinet phoned the state police chief, then emails were sent by Palin demanding action. She initially denied any involvement in the incident, that is until tapes surfaced linking her office to the attempt. The whole episode is under investigation and a full report is expected a few days before the November election. Palin fired the state police chief after he refused to summarily dismiss her brother in law.

What is hard to believe is the increase in McCain's poll numbers is based on a change in voting preferences of White Women. Geez, I thought white women loved black men. I guess it is the "you go sister" attitude. Even though that sister will burn the other sisters at the stake for heresy while she chants and drops to the ground writhing in the spirit like a drunk sorority girl on Ecstasy.

If you are a Hillary Clinton supporter, why are you even thinking of switching to this woman?

And the final part of Palin I want to talk about is the Down's Syndrome baby she said she "had" five months ago. Well, according to local rumors in Palin's town, this child is really the child of her daughter Bristol, who was recently announced to be pregnant.

The controversy arises from two sources: First, Palin does not appear pregnant in any photographs before her March 5th announcement she was seven months pregnant. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months. While this is debatable, you can judge for yourself here:

Second, Palin's daughter Bristol was 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

What would the Conservative Right say if Barak Obama's oldest daughter was pregnant? The who theme of McCain's campaign would be "Family Values" "Family Values" "Family Values". But since it's a Conservative Right Winger's child, it's all about "What a Family!" What a Family!".

Even if Sarah Palin is the mother of this child, look what she did while she was about to deliver the child. I you read this and don't get sick, then you are a male.

According to Sarah, her water broke at 4 am while she and her husband were in Dallas for a conference. Statistically, a 5th pregnancy, when the water breaks the baby is coming very very soon and you should get to a hospital ASAP. Additionally, this was a high risk birth because it was a special needs baby (they knew this). To complicate matters further, the water broke early. Certainly they should have gone to a medical center that has a neonatal intensive care unit. Dallas has many hospitals that fit this bill. But did Sarah go to a Dallas hospital? No, she decided to give her speech later that morning. After that, she got on an airplane and flew 8 hours to go to Alaska.

Ask any obstetrician if someone whose water breaks in the 8th month and is carrying a special needs baby should get on an airplane and fly 8 hours, and he will tell you that that would be reckless behavior. It could also be considered malpractice (by the mother) ........ against the baby. These are not the actions of parents who claim to love a baby so much.

The plane landed in Seattle (which also has great hospitals) and then in Anchorage. Instead of going to the closest hospital in Anchorage which is a tertiary care facility, she drove 45 minutes more to go to a rural, non tertiary care hospital that does not have the facilities that she could need due to the early term birth or the special needs a Trisomy 21 child might have.

So what is it? I she a totally irresponsible "right to lifer" who risked the child's life? Or was she just traveling to Alaska, to be at the side of her pregnant daughter who was having the child?

Either way, HYPOCRISY.

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