Now Time For Me To Show What McCain...

really is. McCain is a career politician (even though he uses Vietnam as his career). He is aligned with several interest groups. The top levels of his campaign committee are involved with the banking industry.

In the past few years, the banking industry has done more to hurt Americans (US) than the Bush Administration (the Military Industrial Complex). The fallout from the mortgage crisis and the inevitable home foreclosure market, and the subsequent bailout of the major banking industries without repercussions should be the major discussion of this election.

But it won't. Because the major corporations are tied to the banking industry. And the major corporations own all the media in America (US!!!). So we will not know the entire truth to the destruction of America. The United States of America's mortgage market has imploded more than a white dwarf falling upon itself to become a BLACK FUCKING HOLE!!!

Who can help???? How about a man who has been involved in banking scandals since the 1980's????? How about a man, who had by his side the man, instrumental to the de-regulation that gave the corporations mile-long leeway to do whatever the FUCK they wanted to do (no matter how many "regular Americans" (US!!!) were left out to freeze to death). Phil Gramm is a banking lobbyist. Plain and simple.

Any banker who practices in the deceptive practices this Administration and the future McCain Administration will let practice should go the mythological HELL where they deserve to go.

I do not need to go into detail of McCain and the Keating 5; or, the Phil Gramm connections to de-regulation which led to the current economic climate we are currently in: but I want to talk about influence.

McCain's possible election to the highest power in the U.S. will only summon the free-for-all that will become the banking industry.

You think that banks prey upon the stupid American (which the Right made stupider due to Religious Fanaticism and Decreased Funding For Schools) less then they do now? With McCain in charge?

The banks will be more in control of this country just like Bush put the OIL INDUSTRY in charge the past 8 MOTHER FUCKING YEARS!!!!

The only problem is that OIL will still be in charge also. This time, the DIRECT feed will not be OIL, but BANKS. But BANKS and OIL deal with each other daily; I'm sure they developed a close bond. Their common bond in TAKING AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN FROM THE HARD-WORKING AMERICAN (us!) KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

That is who will really control Washington. Not the Church (even though that is what RELIGIOUS FOLK think is who they are voting for). If the CHURCH's patrons knew the SINS they are committing by voting for the worst dredge of society (the WALL ST ELITE and ALL WHO TAKE THEIR MONEY) then citizens like Bob Barr might have a chance of being the President of the United States of America.

Bob Barr is the Libertarian Nominee for President of the United States of America. "What are Libertarians??" you say????

Libertarians are people who want Government out of our personal lives. Who want Government out of the lives of women who want to decide what they will want to do with her bodies. Libertarians want the Government to stay out of what drugs we can take (prescription synthetic or natural). Libertarians want RELIGION OUT OF AMERICAN LIFE (CONFINED TO THE WALLS OF INDIVIDUAL'S CHURCHES WHERE THEY ONLY BELONG). Libertarians want a REAL approach to the growing crisis of Muslim Fundamentalism (which is just like Christian Fundamentalism, only with more media scrutiny). Libertarians want the TRUTH to be the basis of SCIENCE.


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